It's all about the ingredients (at least that's what we're banking our entire investment on). Our ability to produce some of the finest cocoa beans and chocolate in the region starts with the farmers who deliver us clean fresh cacao within 10 hours of harvesting. In exchange, we pay more than 10% above the market price on the spot, and an additional bonus during the dry season, along with almost anything else they ask for.

After weighing and paying, beans are transferred to custom-made paired boxes (built by renowned Bumate-based engineer Mtukuru) for a period of 5-7 days. This intensely managed process is what establishes the framework for the complex flavours in our beans and chocolates.

After fermenting, beans are sun-dried on portable raised racks for 6-7 day - we all know what the rainy season is like in Bundibugyo, hence the solar dryer. Once the moisture has achieved a comfortable level, they are aged (aging, such a buzz word) 2-3 months in breathable sacks before carefully blending to achieve signature Semuliki Forest flavour (flavor?).

When chocolate-ready, beans are sent to our Choco kitchen (note to self: trademark that) where they're combined with the highest quality sugar and, in some cases, milk powder and Ugandan cocoa butter, which is hand-pressed by a lovely motherly figure, to start chocolate construction.

Roasting. The second major determinant of flavour. The Maillard Reaction, look it up. Actually don't, not worth it.


Each harvest, each blend, each lot, each bean deserves it's own roast profile. Our chief chocolate maker spends countless hours finding that sweet spot (heheh).. and then countless hours trying to replicate over and over.

Cracking & winnowing. Around 20-25% (dollar-wise it feels more like 50) of bean weight is actually shell. We don't need that stuff now. Let's get to the nib.

(nailed that picture, right?)

Grind. Grind. Grind. We use small-batch universal refiners which allow us to simultaneously reduce particle size for smoothness (refine) and further shape flavor through heated agitation (conche). This is when that sugary stuff called sugar is added.


This stage takes several days of continuous refining... which translates to about 6-7 days in Uganda electricity years.

Ever wonder how chocolate get it's snap and shine? Melts in your mouth but not in your hands? That's tempering. Arranging the chocolate crystals in just the right way to create a cathedral in italy, instead of an igloo in the tropics. Yep I said it, our chocolate is like a cathedral.


Our molds are key to mouthfeel. Specially selected high-quality poly-carb molds sourced from Belgium itself that provide a delightful feel of ridges on the top of your mouth as you leach out flavour. Shareable squares, or selfish conclusions to a big dinner.

...Alright may need to take a step back from the molds.

Our butcher paper foodie-inspired locally- produced packaging, while obviously hipster chic meets Swedish minimalism (so we tell ourselves), is actually designed to remind you that CHOCOLATE IS FOOD! It's complex, and it's meant to be enjoyed, not sit in the back of your cabinet or freezer. You wouldn't do it with a fine filet mignon or a Cabernet, so don't do it with your chocolate...Please...

Let's be real here, chocolate storage on the equator is a nightmare. We get it. Our kitchen and storage facility stays below 23C and 50% humidity but we understand if not all of you want to buy an aircon unit just for your dark chocolate. So, put it in a cool shady spot away from smelly foods, or in the fridge if you have to. Just bear with us if you see some funny white designs appear, that's just a cosmetic non-issue issue called bloom.

Received a melted bar of ours from a supplier? Snap a pic and send it to us at - we'll make sure you get a discount on your next purchase -- provided we get facilitation (joking).


Some people may have gotten the impression that we're obsessed with chocolate. They may even be screaming "what, are they going to tell me how to eat it too?!"


So, about that...check out our tasting tips here >


Our Offerings:

70% Dark

Semuliki Forest Cacao

Ingredient: cocoa beans & sugar

Flavour notes: balanced bitterness, light acidity, with bold cherry and dried fruit flavors

Dark Milk

Semuliki Forest Cacao

Ingredient: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, milk powder

Flavour notes: Not your typical milk, this swiss-style bar packs a solid cocoa punch with a smooth milky rich texture.

Get your hands on the goods:

For tasty dark chocolate bars in Uganda, visit one of our stockists, contact us at, or stalk us at local Kampala food events.

To use our chocolate-related products in your restaurant, hotel or bakery... same thing.

For international shipments, also same thing. Really anything you need, contact us at


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