How to: Taste chocolate like a pro

1. Free your space of distractions, noisy Kampala nightclubs, boda drivers, loudspeaker adverts, and your cellphone.


2. Cleanse your palate with something neutral - water (fizzy is great), apple, bread or crackers are good.


3. Break off a small piece, we think 1 square or 1/2 of a square is good. Observe the feel of the snap and the color of the piece. Smell it. Stare at it longingly.

4. Place the piece on your tongue and patiently let it melt. Chocolate flavor unfolds gradually like a story, not all at once, so just chill.

5. As it melts on your tongue suck on the piece to leach out the flavor. If you must chew, limit it to 3 chomps as it will change how cocoa butter and flavor releases.

6. Make mental notes as it unfolds -- beginning to middle to end. What did the texture feel like? how did it feel on the tongue? what does it remind you of?

Hopefully chocolate :)

By all means if you can't get a clear picture, we encourage you to go for a second round. Even better, seek the outside opinion of all your friends and colleagues too. One can never be too sure, better get it right.